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Tiaras and Trucks

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Centennial Park

We did venture outside the comfy chairs around Nan's tree. We took a little field trip to Centennial Park, where Abbey was amazed by pretty much everything. One of her favorite new concepts is "big", so she loved seeing the BIG building, the BIG statue, the BIG train, and the BIG plane. Donnie, Honey Bear, Abbey, and Mom in front of the Parthenon.
Abbey in her stroller looking at the Athena statue. You'll soon see why we should have kept her in the stroller.
Jessica, Abbey, and I in front of Athena.

I know the picture is a little dark, but here she is just seconds before running under the rope surrounding the statue. I had to go retrieve her, then we left before they could kick us out!

Daddy and Abbey checking out the BIG train.

Aha, a rock!

Just when we thought we were back to obeying the rules, Ryan and Donnie decided to climb onto the train. The train that is clearly labeled with a sign saying, "Do Not Climb on the Locomotive". No wonder Abbey had trouble following the rules inside the Parthenon.

Under the Tree

This is for Katie, who loves sitting under Nan & Pap's tree.

Jessica & Justin



Carolyn, Abbey (and me)


Shane, Riley, Jenny, & Honey Bear


Aunt Carolyn

Uncle Dave

Uncle Mark


Donnie (looking good Hollywood)


Well, this isn't technically under the tree, but there is some sitting involved. (And we don't have a picture of Uncle John under the tree.)

Pap & Honey Bear taking a snooze
All tree pictures courtesy of my mom, who obviously does a better job of switching up her photo subjects than I do. However, she likes taking Abbey pictures, too, so there will be some additional ones of Abbey later...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We had a really wonderful time in Nashville, although those that couldn't be there were definitely missed and thought about. Hopefully we will all be able to get together soon. The Michigan, Texas, and Tennessee (duh!) people were able to make it, and it is crazy how it never seems like it's been a couple of years since we've seen each other! Next time we shouldn't wait so long.
Forgive me for the Abbey-heavy picture selection. I will try to get some other photos from my mom & Donnie & Jessica to get some more variety! Abbey likes looking at water, and Daddy is showing her a boat going down the river.

Nan's wind chimes were a source of great excitement for Abbey. Maybe too much excitement, because she pulled them down more than once.

Abbey and Grandma hanging out by the pool. Grandma and Grandpa were kind enough to watch Abbey one night so the cousins could go out to dinner (Calhouns) and to downtown Nashville. Fun times!

The view from our balcony...Just kidding.
Ryan, Jessica, Donnie, Abbey, and I drove over to Opryland Hotel one afternoon to walk around. The hotel, of course, is stunning, and we enjoyed wandering around. Donnie promised we could stay there if he hit the Powerball that night. Alas, luck was not on his side.
Abbey found a large, open area in front of some of the Ballrooms that was perfect for running around. She kept Daddy busy for a little while, running all over and checking out the fancy carpet.

Abbey and Jessica had a good time looking at the wooden horses.

We tired her out. For the first time ever, Abbey asked to get back into her stroller (normally she is asking to get out.)

Another favorite place during our vacation - the pool. Thankfully Daddy, Grandpa, and Uncle Donnie were great sports about swimming with her, especially since her attention span isn't the greatest, and she liked being held just as much as being in her float.

Sitting on Nan's back steps is fun!

Four generations of Fiedler ladies.

Nan and Carolyn really put Abbey to work. She cooked (well, stirred), cleaned (well, played with a broom), and gardened (well, got a little messy.) She loved helping though!

Nan has lots of statues in her garden. Abbey loved them and even carried some of them around. Sorry Nan if some of them ended up out of place!

Carolyn was quite the hit when she brought out an entire bucket of water for Abbey to use to water the flowers she planted.

Honey Bear might be little, but she's tough. Poor Molly was trying to rest, but Honey Bear had to remind her who was the Alpha Dog!

Donnie and Ryan were chilling out under the tree. They both look like they're ready for a nap. That's what happens when you stay out so late the night before. Michigan people aren't used to bars that stay open until 3:00 a.m.

Mom and Nan look a little more energized.

Back to the plant watering...Abbey decided that she needing watering as much as the plants. She watered her shoes and skirt and gave the giraffe on her shirt a little bath.

Finally! Water on the plants!
Like I said, I apologize for not having more pictures of other people. I am used to taking lots of pictures of Abbey, but when we got to talking and having fun with everyone, I kind of forgot about the camera! I'll try to beg for some pictures from some more diverse photographers out there.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!

Ryan, Abbey, and I hung out at home this 4th of July, because Ryan is working on some projects around the house. Abbey still got into the spirit of the holiday by sporting some red, white, and blue. We were happy to finally see some sunshine and spent a lot of time outside.Abbey is waiting to go outside; she loves being outside all of the time.

She thought she would help out her country by recycling a little bit.
Ok, to be honest, she doesn't know about recycling and basically just took the juice bottle out and put it back several times.

More fun time on the new ride.

Checking out the marigolds that Daddy planted. I received the flowers as a shower favor at Laura's shower, so it's a wonderful reminder of a great friend right in our yard every day.
We hope that no matter how you celebrated the holiday that you were with people you loved and that you thought for a few minutes about how great our country truly is!
xoxo, A, R, & A