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Tiaras and Trucks

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Day at the Beach

We spent most of this weekend in Kalamazoo hanging out with Uncle Joe & Aunt Amanda. Abbey made her second trip to South Haven, and she had an even better time than she did last year. This year she went in the water and absolutely loved it, even though it was still pretty chilly. She was a good sport and stayed under the umbrella a lot of the time, which was helpful, because it was super sunny, and the sand was hot. (The water shoes didn't stay on very long after they got wet in the lake.)
Abbey liked to sit with me on my chair.

Playing with sand toys is fun. I must admit that even after Abbey got a little tired of her toys, Amanda and I still continued to have a great time playing with them.

Taber Fridays

Taber Friday was actually on Thursday last week, but we had a great time hanging out with Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Donnie. Honey Bear is soft!
Honey Bear licked my toes!!

I love when Grandpa reads me this book. It used to be Mommy's when she was little.

Where's Baby?

Bear is sitting in the stroller, waiting to go for a walk. Where's Baby?
Who knows?

(Just kidding, Baby is safe and sound.)

Those Swimming Lessons Paid Off!

We spent a great day with Colleen and Brendan in Brendan's fun pool. It's a good thing the kids took swimming lessons together last fall! Abbey is hanging out in the deep end, while Brendan is in the shallow end.
Now Brendan is in the deep end, and Abbey is in the shallow end.

After some time playing by themselves, they finally decided it might be fun to play TOGETHER in the pool. It's fun to watch the two of them interact more, since they have been "hanging out" since before they were even aware of each other.

A match made in heaven! Brendan loves riding in his little wagon, and Abbey loves pushing it. This was the perfect compromise for the two of them, because otherwise they each wanted whatever toy/book the other was playing with.

Abbey loves bubbles but is still uncertain about how to make them. She is holding a bubble wand and letting the soap drip all over her feet.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads and other great guys out there. We are all so lucky to have great fathers and father figures in our lives, and we truly appreciate and love those men. Abbey wants to send extra hugs and kisses to Daddy (her favorite father of them all!) We spent most of Father's Day at Ryan's game. I took Abbey to visit Ryan in the dugout one inning, and the rest of us spent a lot of the remainder of the game trying to keep Abbey out of the opposing team's dugout. She thought she could find Daddy in there; she's persistent, that's for sure.
Catch me if you can! Abbey is on her way to the dugout.
Abbey is showing her buddy Will her favorite pose and Grandpa Don's cool shades.

Abbey and Grandpa had some serious business to take care of at the garbage can. Abbey likes to throw away garbage and clap for herself. I'm glad she doesn't plan on being a litterbug, but we need to be careful. The other day, we found Ryan's money clip in the garbage! Thankfully, I had emptied the bag earlier in the day, so it was easy to find.

Two Bows are Better than One

Last week, when Abbey was getting dressed, she was playing with her bows. She loves playing with them and pretending to put them in her hair (and pulling them out of her hair to look at them.) When I put the green bow in, she looked in the mirror, held up the blue one and said, "Bow." So, two bows it was. Who am I to question her fashion choices? I'm sure that there will be many others that are much more questionable than two little bows!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Daddy's First Game

The time has come for Daddy to head back to the ballpark, which means that it is time for Abbey and I to spend some time there, too. Abbey has been taking a later nap lately, so we have only been able to go to the second game of the day. Abbey has a lot of fun wandering around, checking out the people (and dogs!), and generally finding lots of fun stuff to investigate. We know we'll have a lot of fun watching Daddy this summer!
What is this? The Kentucky Derby? Why do I need this hat on my head?
No, I'm not sure what happened to the hat? Whyt are you asking me?

This is hard work! Thanks for making sure I stay hydrated, Mommy!

Bath Time!

Daddy makes me laugh so hard when I am taking my bath! The other night, Mommy tried to duplicate Daddy's performance, but she is not as funny. I am still learning that drinking out of a cup and drinking out of the pour cup Mommy uses to shampoo my hair are NOT the same thing.

I like my bath so much that I don't even mind the intrusive photos.Mommy and Daddy claim that I used to hate the bath and cry every time they put me in the tub. I don't believe them.

Daddy and Abbey

Ryan, Abbey, and I recently went to the zoo. Abbey and I have been a few times already this year with various people, but it's the first time the three of us have been together this year.

Mr. Tiger was wandering around. Abbey loved watching him and roaring like a tiger.

Daddy held me a lot so that I could see the animals better.

I tired Daddy out! Mommy went into the kitchen for a few minutes and found this scene when she came back into the room.

She knew she was caught with her pants down, so to speak. When I left the room, Ryan was changing her diaper, and the laptop was closed. After only a few short minutes, Ryan was sleeping, and Abbey was trying to e-mail some buds on her own!

Hanging Out

This might not look comfortable to all the adults out there, but I think it's the best position in the world, especially when I want to inspect things on the ground!
Rock, rock, rock.

Grandpa Ray is keeping me out of the street (and from trying to go find the dogs next door.)

Grandma Sue & Grandpa Ray visit during the week, and Abbey loves spending time outside with them. As you know, Michigan weather can be a bit questionable at times, but a little rain never hurt anyone, right?