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Tiaras and Trucks

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Break

I had a week off for Easter Break, and it was so much fun. Abbey and I had a blast doing different things around town, and I can't believe it is time for me to go back to work tomorrow. I didn't have my camera for everything we did, but here are some of our fun times!

Abbey loves carrying around purses, bags, and now Easter baskets.One afternoon we hung out in the children's room at the library. Abbey was fascinated by the fish and a puppet show that another little girl was performing. Of course, she was also entertained by the chairs; she is such a little monkey!
It was raining one day, so we spent some time at the Nature Center. Abbey really enjoyed climbing the stairs to the "tree house" and looking out at the center. We were the only people there for most of the time, so she had the run of the place.
Her favorite part of the Nature Center was a stuffed bear wearing one of the vests that the volunteers wear. No matter where we were in the center, she kept going back to the bear. Her excitement is pretty clear in this picture.
Like I said, we were the only people there, and there were four volunteers there. She had a great time talking with all of them. There was a little rocking chair that was much more size appropriate, but she preferred this one that was in front of the roaring fire.
Brendan and Abbey both really like slides.
Abbey also likes wood chips & soccer balls. You have to be quick with her, because she really, really likes the wood snacks.
Brendan has been collecting pinecones in his wagon. Abbey had a great time pushing the wagon around. She is kindly offerring Brendan one of the pinecones; we didn't know how to tell her that they were already his!
As usual, Abbey is distracted by a dog in the park. She loves all dogs...she sometimes says dog and sometimes just says bow-wow, since we have a book called "The Dog Says Bow-Wow".
Even when she is riding the thrilling purple dinosaur, she has one eye focused on the dogs across the park. To be honest, I did, too. The dog was big, not on a leash, and not responding AT ALL to its owner's commands. Not the coolest thing I've ever seen in a park with a lot of kids around!
Not everything fun needs to be outside of the house. Abbey obviously wants to take over my teaching position; she was constantly bringing me my ID and likes wearing it around the house. The sunglasses were another favorite, unfortunately, they were the victim of a monkey climbing on top of them...the monkey looked suspiciously like Abbey.
Abbey and I fed the ducks at the park on an absolutely gorgeous Saturday afternoon. Well, I fed the ducks. Everytime I would stop, Abbey would grab my hand and say "Mama, more!" Little did I know that she wanted the bread for herself.
She was making friends at the playground; the little boy hugged her, and I think she liked it.
All of this fun wore her out! Although who wouldn't like to curl up in a comfy seat and take a nap after a day at the park!
I need to thank Aunt Jane for picking out such a great sun hat as part of Abbey's birthday gift. She normally tries to pull them off, but this one has a little strap that isn't too tight but keeps the hat on her head. We used it so much this week!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Like every good fashionista, Abbey likes to accessorize. Grandpa Don's sunglasses
Mommy's necklace

Honey Bear's bed
A piano (and Daddy!)

And an Easter present from Great Grandma Pat!

I thought coloring eggs with Abbey sounded like a good way to spend a Saturday. She had a fun time, and thankfully I bought some "kid-safe" coloring. She was pretty green by the end of it, but nothing that a nice, long bath couldn't fix!
Ok, we've got some eggs soaking...

Everything is looking good...

I just need to make a few adjustments here...

Uh oh! How'd that happen?

Opening Day

Daddy went to Tigers' Opening Day on Friday. Go Tigers! They played a great game against the Rangers. Abbey and I provided dropped off Daddy and his friend, and we managed to find lots of things to do to stay busy before going back for the return shuttle service. We played in the park with Grandma Sharon, and then we came home and had fun there.

Abbey found some new reading material. It's a step up from Go Dog Go! but I want to be sure that she feels comfortable reading anything she chooses!

Abbey is talking to Sparty. Maybe she's asking his opinion about her new book?

Sparty might not be the most insightful dog for Abbey's makeshift literature circle, but he is always up for some snuggling.


So this is what Grandma and Abbey do all day!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Back to Business

It's time! We had a beautiful Saturday afternoon today, so Abbey and I found ourselves packing a bag and heading to the zoo. It was a little chilly (we're still in Michigan, after all,) but it was perfectly clear and sunny. Lots of people had the same idea, and it was pretty crowded. More people watching!
I can already tell that it's going to be an entirely different experience this summer, and I'm so excited. Last year Abbey was content hanging out in her stroller and checking out the people and animals. Today she wanted to walk around on her own and was a lot more interactive with the animals. We were lucky enough to see the giraffes running around (the mother was teaching the baby - so cute!) and to see polar bears both outside and under water. What a fun day; if Daddy would have been there, it would have been perfect, but Ryan had to study.
Abbey took a few minutes to sit and watch some kids climbing a tree. Maybe next summer...
Hmmm, these pinecones are interesting.
What's over there?
Look! I'm petting a tiger!

Who says tigers are scary?

An Adventure

Two weeks ago, Abbey was very confused by her schedule. Mommy had parent-teacher conferences three nights, so she didn't get home until late, Daddy came home early, she spent some extra time with Grandpa get the picture. She was even more confused Friday morning when Mommy and Daddy woke her up, got her dressed, and started loading up the car.
She is obviously very excited about her upcoming adventure. Abbey was going to spend the weekend with Grandma Sharon & Grandpa Don! Ryan and I went to Chicago for the weekend with our good friends, Joe & Amanda. We were apprehensive about leaving her; we knew she would have a wonderful time with Grandma & Grandpa, but we were worried about how much we would miss her.
There will be more pictures later when I copy them from my parents. As expected, she had a blast hanging out with them and getting a visit from Aunt Jessica, Uncle Donnie, and her favorite furry friend, Honey Bear.
Here's a token picture of Ryan and I at Lucky Strike bowling alley in Chicago. Ignore our disheveledness. Chicago didn't get the memo that we were coming, and it ended up raining most of the day and evening on Saturday (and snowing on Sunday!) Needless to say, we are not looking our most dapper when taking this self portrait! We missed our girl terribly but had a great time watching basketball, spending time with great friends, and eating some yummy Chicago food.